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Run your Mac faster with TuneupMyMac!


Clean your Mac in single click
Free up space on your hard drive
Speed up your Mac by removing junk files
Delete sensitive and confidential data securely
Optimize your hard drive and make your Mac more stable

Why TuneupMyMac?

TuneupMyMac is an expert and easy-to-use solution for your Mac. It offers an easy way to clean, secure and optimize your Mac to keep it running smoothly and faster.

What it includes?

TuneupMyMac includes powerful tools to perform multiple tasks on your Mac, which will keep your Mac optimized, clean and error free.


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With TuneupMyMac's easy-to-use tools you get the maximum out of your Mac.

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Run a free scan to find out junk items accumulated on your Mac that can slow it down.

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